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Our solutions are based on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies. In particular, our main activities are related to:

WSN Consulting

We offer a wide range of consulting services to ensure solutions focused to tackle WSN issues.

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing WSNs
  • WSN maintenance
  • Application context analysis
  • Design and realization of new systems.

Our experience at your service.

Health Care

By integrating into WSNs specific sensors for monitoring physical and psychological states of a person, it is possible to realize innovative Health Care services.

We apply wireless sensor network technologies to the human body (Body Sensor Networks) to realize our innovative Health Care products.

We offer services for (a) physical rehabilitation supported by wearable motion sensors, (b) continuous and non invasive cardio respiratory monitoring to support early detection of cardio-vascular and neurodegenerative diseases, (c) monitoring of training improvements of professional athletes.

Our products are connected to communication infrastructures (Wi-Fi, or 3G networks) to enable remote monitoring, and support. With our system you can, for instance, monitor the health situation of an elder relative living alone directly on your smartphone. Family doctors may monitor theirs patients regarding the effect of medications, the improvements after surgeries, and so on.

Building Energy Management

Wireless Sensor Networks open new opportunities of energy management by helping localizing possible sources of energy waste.

Just by discovering where energy inefficiencies are located, it is possible to take actions to solve them.

Our system uses smart Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSAN) to localize and remove these wastes, guaranteeing significant energy savings. This is obtained through a continuous energy consumption monitoring and real-time solution actuation.

The system is coordinated by an advanced management software which interfaces the WSAN to a remote server. It is possible to access the system through a user friendly web interface which allows managing the WSAN even from a smartphone.

Our solution can be easily deployed in existing as well as under construction buildings, and it doesn't require complex manual configurations.