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09/Oct/2013 - SenSysCal partecipates to Calabria Expo Energia 2013
SenSysCal will give a talk to "Calabria Expo Energia 2013" on the October 19, 2013

24/Jul/2013 - SenSysCal partecipates to BONSAI, in Romania
SenSysCal is participating to BONSAI: Bridging Organizations and National Societies in Artificial Intelligence

28/Jun/2013 - IEEE CSCWD 2015
SenSysCal will support IEEE CSCWD 2015, that will be held in Calabria on September 2015

10/May/2013 - Startup Announcement
SenSysCal partecipates at the Startup Announcement by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research